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Angular Grid


Stockmarket Application


This front end application requires a google account to login. It can see show in real time the Nasdaq stockmarket. It can also show recent stock values 4 stockmarkets ad a CRUD feature

Some of the features include:

  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Live update
  • CRUD
  • Save as Excel
  • Google Login

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Basic features


  • How to create an Excel like Grid
  • How to Understand the AG Grid framework
  • How to use the update method of AG Grid
  • The live update
  • The Timer
  • There was not a specific design output so i had to improvise


In order to show an excel like Grid i had to use AG Grid. Mastering AG Grid was a challenge

On the bright side it can be enabled with a number of features like sort, filter, save selection as excel etc.

Also CRUD can be made very easy similar to .NET grid