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Demonstration in CakePHP


The idea of using an MVC framework seems to be a good compromise between a CMS and custom HTMl. Hence the need to show my experience in CakePHP

The site does a number of things, like login/out,session, insert into database ,one to many tables, pagination and sorting. The result was to write a .doc of about 50 pages, describing the installation,settings and programming of the framework!!!

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Basic features

  • login/out/session
  • Validation
  • Add user
  • Delete user
  • Edit user
  • Add lesson per user
  • View Users
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  • Understanding the logic of an MVC framework
  • Many to many relationships implementation in an MVC model


MVC (or model view controller)frameworks seem like a good compromise between the complexity of A completely custom HTML/PHP, and a CMS system. In Truth its disadvantages are as many as its advantages

Myth of MVC

  1. You use custom code but you can use ready functions
  2. No need to use complicated PHP logic since some of the work already done
  3. Some of the work is already done and you dont start from scratch
  4. You have more control of the plugins you install
  5. You dont have to worry about updating your framework all the time even for small things
  6. You can work faster and more efficiently

Reality of MVC

  1. You have to discover which functions are build for you to use
  2. Programming an MVC can be very complicated unless you know how to use its components (Validator, Query builder etc)
  3. You never start from scratch with a custom HTML/PHP site unless this is the first template you create
  4. You have to learn about access control objects and how to import new plugins into the MVC
  5. Updating can be a pain
  6. If you are not an experienced programmer already, You can forget what little programming skill you have accumulated so far!

It is true some MVC are easier to learn than others. I found Codeigniter easier than Laravel which is easier than CakePHP

The point is, it may take a specialised MVC programmer to build and maintain a complex MVC site like an E-Commerce shop. Being just good in PHP and back-end programming methodologies is not good enough