Sotiris Baimpos

C# Developer

Lottery Application in C#


A collection of lottery applications


This is a collection of applications ,currently Greek Tzoker lottery. The application can open excel 2007 (drawings results) and save it to the database. It can CRUD the draw results or the tickets we create. It can show statistics . It can create filters. It can save and compare tickets for earnings. It also has settings


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Basic features


  • How to open an excel 2003 and then 2007
  • How to create statistics
  • How to create filters from statistics
  • How to install features if the target PC doesnt have them. E.g access database engine
  • A gazillion corrections!
  • The need to triple - loop some data tables


This project has some features based on Lotto Pro (hot cold numbers, skip and hit etc). It includes 4000 lines of code! It is a huge project!

It took about 3 1/2 weeks to be created (4 hours per day real work). It doesn't have anything to envy from other professional applications. Of course more features can be installed such as the ability to update via web services, or more statistics

The workload involved was huge but I have to comment out that i didnot used an external framework like in my Angular AG grid application