Sotiris Baimpos

Front end Developer

Mac Info


Test Site


This site was created for MacInfo web. It was a test project with purpose to create a hotel and resort catalogue. The site was created using Drupal 7

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Basic features

  • Views slide show
  • item page with tabs
  • google maps
  • add content page
  • taxonomy
  • auto complete
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  • The site was done in Drupal, so some plugins were incompatible with other plugins
  • the theme had its own jquery and was incompatible with drupal's jquery
  • trying different methods to implement a specific feature


Usually it's a good idea to implement something in Drupal if you want a powerful and custom search engine

Drupal uses a feature called views, which is essentially a mechanism that controls the database queries. That will give you a complete control over to what appears on each page. Using SQL is another alternative if one knows the exact database-table structure in Drupal, which can be quite complicated

Another feature is taxonomy that creates categories of items(Hotels, resorts etc). So when we find something we can always see all relative items

The downside is the enormous list of modules that was implemented, some of them support other modules!

The key here is find the right mix: which modules work good together and put only the necessary