Sotiris Baimpos

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Corporate Site


The site was made for Mendor Editions as an index/catalogue site. It contains all the other Mendor -related sites. It was created using a themeforest template plus some custom changes

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Basic features

  • Portfolio with Classification
  • Counter
  • Customised Slideshow
  • Contact Form

At the time I was using Wordpress for the more complex sites, but since my time in Iproject i use custom HTML for one page sites. The site consists of a landing page/portfolio and the main site. I implemented theme features like classification(portfolio), theme colors, counter. The contact form was borrowed from my sbaiboscom site (with a few modifications)

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  • Using a custom theme requires a lot of experimentation and careful study of the manual provided
  • Deciding what to keep and what to throw away may be a headache
  • The responsive part needs experimentation, because of the custom changes to the theme.
  • The theme has it's own set of rules, some things you can mess with, but not everything
  • To study how the various components are implemented. For example custom colour change is a bad method. I used the theme file instead


I think this is the ideal method for creating simple non-database sites. The client/company may want many different features .The features can implemented easily enough and they are common(slideshow,portfolio,counter,contact form)

The site is not based on CMS/MVC and there is no worry about upgrading

Changes also can be implemented way faster in Custom HMTL sites