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The site was made for Mendor Editions as medical articles site. It was Created in Wordpress. Apart from the admin account it features a user/subscriber that can see the content.

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Basic features

  • Members Area
  • Quiz with timer
  • custom parallax in Wordpress

At the time I was using Wordpress for the more complex sites, but since my time in Iproject i use custom HTML for one page sites. The site consists of a landing page/portfolio and the main site. I implemented theme features like classification(portfolio), theme colors, counter. The contact form was borrowed from my sbaiboscom site (with a few modifications)

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  • Wordpress doesnt have a guest account like Drupal And Wordpress. Therefore we need the necessary plugin to forbid content for non-logged in users
  • The landing page needs a child -theme and a lot of configuration in Wordpress
  • The site doesnt work, after we move it to a different server. We need database access to change the main link of the site
  • The permalinks also need a special plugin to fix them, after we move site to another server
  • Redirects are also a pain
  • Custom changes to header and footer need a study of the Wordpress API. CMS Custom changes are always more complex than a simple HTML site


The site had a number of specifications, namely:

  • Login/logout, session
  • Quiz
  • Members area
  • Deadline was a few days

Based on the above a custom HTMl with PHP and database is out of the question, because of the sheer amount of work required plus the time restrictions

Am MVC like CakePhp could solve problems but also create a few more

CMS seems to be the solution but which one? Drupal would be too complex to control and Joomla has the tendency to give critical errors when the plugin is not the right version. It's plugin system is also unnecessary complicated and you have to pay for the good plugins

Wordpress seems to be the solution here as its simple enough, has good plugins and doesn't crash on upgrade. It may have problems with permalinks and the lack of guest account but it's advantages outweigh it's faults