Sotiris Baimpos

Front end Developer

Palaimaxoi Eranis Filiatron


Erani Filiatron Veterans Football club


This is a wordpress site with a custom theme and a canvas logo created for the football club of palaimaxoi erani Filiatron

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Basic features

  • The slideshow
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  • The learning curve to create a logo via javascript
  • The learning curve to create a wordpress theme from scratch
  • To undestand the logic of the wordpress hook functions and learn to enque and register scripts


The logo was created programmatically using the HTMl canvas and javascript. it was saved as image and hardcoded into the wordpress theme. I realise that i could also copy-paste the code but its Wordpress so let's keep things simple!

Two different themes were created. The first as a child theme of twenty seventeen and the current, who was created from scratch. Now most companies create a wordpress theme from scratch to avoid creating issues. My issue was that the logo in the first child theme did not display correctly so i had to do more and more changes to the theme and still the result was not good

with the Current theme the logo and slide-show were harcoded and everything came together nicely!