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Patrio Homa




One of my first site create with Drupal 6 in 2010. Back in the day i used plugins in order to insert custom CSS menus in Drupal, without being overly experienced. The site includes many features but implemented in a complex way. Among them the automatic procedure to place articles in specific tabs and panels according to their category -like a news site.

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Basic features

  • Panels
  • Forum
  • News
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  • Incompatibility between Drupal modules(e.g panels and Yahoo word editor)
  • Creating custom CSS menus using a Drupal module
  • Modules often need other modules and plugins(libraries in drupal) making the system slower
  • The panels module doubles the amount of workload


Ok it's an old site (when i started freelancing, in 2010). A lot of the features are experimental but could be done in an easier way. For example:

  • Yahoo editor is deprecated. The CKeditor is popular now days
  • Panels are also deprecated. There are simpler solutions like dynamic block for Drupal or Visual Composer for Wordpress

and so on

Looking back at this project I see something with a lot of functionality that looks terrible and was done the hard way

One of the reasons was that i was just starting out with Drupal so that was my only solution at the time. The other reason was that there were no project specs! It was a work-as-you-go process.

It Has been an important lesson to me to analyse the project specs, then decide the platform (custom/ CMS/Mvc) and for which reasons