Sotiris Baimpos

Front end Developer

Drupal Personal site


Personal site version 2


This is my second personal site, the first was in front page. The purpose here is to create a site that displays many basic Drupal features and also shows personal info like cv and contact details. The site was made at a period i was more of a CMS customizer and less of a programmer

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Basic features

  • multi-language
  • video support
  • Dynamic Block
  • Rotating Banner

This site has many ways for reproducing video and images. Lightbox can do both. Video supports flow player. Dynamic block is an alternative to revolution slider, it can display images or video. Rotating banner is another alternative to slider

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  • Being a Drupal site is a challenge onto itself!
  • Multilanguages implementation is quite complicated whereas in a custom HTML site is really simple. There is a problem with image links
  • video support requires a number of plugins to coexist together Like swf tools, flowplayer etc


To build a personal site with Drupal, is like using a Truck, instead of a bicycle to go to the shop next corner!

A good implementation of the Drupal platform is to create a multisite with all the necaisary plugins, then to use profiles module to create an installation package.