Sotiris Baimpos

Front end Developer



Pregnant Women support


This is a site made for Philomama a support service located on Akeso Clinic. The site contains videos and presentations.Used to be hosted on hostmonsters under It is based on drupal 6

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Basic features

  • Video
  • Simple viewer Presentations
  • Multilingual (English,German,Russian)

This is the second version of Philomama, the first was created with expression web. It has a few necaisery modules, like simple viewer, so it can be light enough. The presentations where treated seperately in order to display within the site

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  • The multilanguage plugin
  • Experimenting through the many Drupal modules to find an adequate way of displaying video
  • video support requires a number of modules to coexist together Like swf tools, flowplayer etc
  • To find a good way to create the page. A hybrid solution was implemented (Drupal+HTML code)


The page style is written in HTML inside the Drupal using a HTML input filter. That is like doing things twice. A good alternative is to use Drupal modules to upload images, instead of HTML code them into place

The site was created in 2012 so i was used to doing things the hard way with a lot of experimentation

on the bright side the site has been created with the now obsolete Drupal 6, (We are into Drupal 8 at the time of writing) but works ok none the less