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A good way to allow the client to navigate and "play" with a site, add content and menus, choose theme, without forcing the developer to create a new project and waste time just for show purposes. Some companies call that a B2C (Business to Consumer) system

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Basic features

  • multi-language
  • Change theme
  • Add content
  • Move items
  • Change color
  • Settings for registered user
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  • The idea to create a site that can be customised but reflect changes only to the registered user is innovative. The approach and concept however is difficult. Drupal was used because of the deep level of customisation that is allowed
  • learn about Drpal's feature called organic groups. This is what keeps the changes localised to a specific user account
  • Incompatibility of some modules
  • Had to use Drupal 6 because the module that allows theme changing on the front end, was not implemented for 7 at the time
  • Have to think as a client and implement specific features. The interface and operation of the site has to be kept simple
  • To convince the client to use this!!! Most people think they buy tomatoes, instead of services. They ask the developer to create a full site before they issue part of the payment


I refer to the site builder as B2C or business to consumer It is not exactly that

typically B2C is about selling something to the consumer and B2B to a Company. B2B and B2C implement e-commerce features

This site's purpose is to allow the client to demo-test services and features so that he can buy. Therefore the concept is B2C but not the implementation

The whole idea is about giving a potential client a taste but not create a project for free each time someone wants to see a demo site

The alternative is to show images of themes but this is the dynamic approach

The real challenge is to put the client in a mentality to cooperate and use the site. Most people want a site but cannot even log-in and ask the developer to implement features that they cant or don't want to understand!

Another purpose is to use the working smart I mention in my main page. For a developer that means create a prototype or template and base all other sites on that to reduce workload

With this site I go one step further allow for client interaction with what i could build for him. The Only thing that could change are the themes used, and some extra features