Sotiris Baimpos

Front end Developer



Test Site


This site was created for Velti. It is a custom HTMl site created from a psd file.

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Basic features

  • bootstrap
  • responsive
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The design has a few tricks/challenges visible only to developers

  • To set a banner image a CSS background property.
  • For multiple images that overlap we need z-index
  • The bottom section is very tricky. We need to set images left-botttom and right-bottom. This was achieved by absolute positioning


The good thing with bootstrap, is that it's an easy way to create responsive sites

The problem with bootstrap is that vertical align doesn't work, we need a float:none setting

When we align images vertically use of bootstrap could be more of a hindrance that help. The bootrap columns make the positioning much more complicated

another downside to bootstrap is it has to be optimised. From the many css classes i think i only used btn, btn-default, col