Sotiris Baimpos

Front end Developer

Wide Services


Test Site


This site was created for Wide Services. It was a test project with purpose to create a custom HTML theme and convert it to Joomla! theme

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Basic features

  • bootstrap theme
  • Joomla! theme
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  • Like stated above there are many methods to choose from.I chose the custom Bootstrap to Joomla, in order to have complete control over my code
  • Finding and implementing a method (basically its development) in a very strict deadline of a few days
  • Problems with fonts, those happen in custom themes
  • Understanding the Joomla! API


It is a trend in many companies that use a CMS system, to create their own custom theme. that can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Customise an existent theme(sub-theming)
  • Use specialised software
  • Use a theme that can be customised via CMS interface(adaptable theme)
  • Build it from scratch but using a plugin to control the code
  • build it from scratch, completely custom with bootstrap

The last is the prefered method. the procedure was

  • create the responsive bootstrap
  • insert code snippets(CMS functions)
  • Replace bootstrap sections with downloaded plugins to make it dynamic(Slideshow etc)
  • Use Joomla Overides to change the appearnce of the plugins to the desired one(CSS created in the bootstrap version of the theme)